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Finalized Commission Info

$5: Single character, bust

$7: Single character, half body

$10: Single character, full body

$15: 2 characters, half body

$20: 2 characters, full body

+$5 for every additional character after 2

+$10 for detailed background

Price variation depends on how complex the character design is.

I will draw:

- Fan art

- Original characters (References and/or detailed descriptions are useful)

- Crossover art (Fan fusions, self inserts, multi-show pieces, etc.)

I will not draw:

- NSFW content

- Excessive gore (a little blood or bruising is okay)

- Incest

- Pedophilia

Also, just FYI, ship art isn't really my thing. I'm happy to draw different combinations of characters interacting and being happy together, but anything beyond hugging or cuddling is probably a no-go.

Contact me if you're interested and we'll work out the details!

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